Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday

Hello Campers,

Well first off, I need to apologize to my Billywig bunkmates because last week I totally blew it. I forgot to blog and I didn't get a chance to participate in Game 7 which means of course not helping with points. I make no excuses.

It's been a crazy week. The family is going on vacation Friday and I have been getting organized and I have a swap package and a R.A.O.K. that needs to get out before I leave. There ready to go but do I have the right size boxes? Noooooo, of course not.

Well this week, I hope to have my blogs done and my games completed before we head off into the mountains, where we will have full hook-up for the motor home and hopefully wifi so I can still check in during the down time. If we have any, my hubby has a full schedule laid out for us.

Okay, so off to my job........Have a good week campers.


Dragonsinger said...

Well, you may not have blogged but you didn't miss Game 7 as Smileynetta got bee stung twice and postponed them to this coming weekend

And we won first place in game 6

*hugs her cabinmate*

Thistle Lovedgood said...

I am wondering if you received your little something that i sent you