Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Game # 6

Potion #1: Draught of Peace-need one of these most days
Potion #2: Mandrake Restorative Potion-need some of this after today's long day
Potion #3: Babbling Beverage- I think my son drinks one of these daily, he never shuts up
Potion #4: Mirtlap Essence-ewwww reminds me of the days when leeches were uses
Potion #5: Felix Felici-as Ron proved in HBP, you only have to think you took it
Potion #6: Shrinking Solution-could be kinda dangerous
Potion #7: Wit Sharpening Potion-I have a list of people who could use this one


Anonymous said...

Hmm....why would there be a need for a daught of Peace?

Are you sure it is not Piece? so we all can get some strawberry and Rhubarb pie.


MexicanMarta said...

Okay that's really funny, although I think peach pie would be better.