Saturday, August 22, 2009

Christmas came Early

Well a few weeks ago, I got this package from Thistle Lovegood who said it was a preview of what was too come. I got this lovely Mary Englebright cards (Mary is one of my favorites) some stickers for my scrapbooking and some cool kleenex for my purse, since I never seem to have any on hand when I need it.

Today, my husband brought me a big box and said "Christmas is here early" and sure enough it was. I got this lovely package with these awesome items;
  • a Pattern for Thistle's Wrist Warmers
  • two skeins of Sugar 'n Spice cotton
  • one skein of Tofutsie's sock yarn
  • double point needles in sizes 1 and 2 (I'm afraid they'll break in my big hands)
  • a tin with needle point protectors, tape measure, some lovely stitch markers in house colors and earrings.
  • a journal book with graph paper for charting out patterns
  • some yummy bath salts
  • sweets-chocolate flies and bubble gum and a "billywig" in green apple
  • a gauge marker (its so cute that Thistle thinks I actually check gauge)
  • and two books from my wish list that I cannot wait to peruse
  • ribbon with magnets which will look good on my notice board and a very cute magnet about the only decent vegetable being the olive in a martini (so true, so true)

Here is a close up of my earrings that say "Love 2 knit". My co-workers will want to take up knitting just so they can have a pair.

I love swaps, it's like Christmas and my birthday all rolled in to one at random times of the year. Thank you so much Thistle for the lovely package! The pattern looks like one I might actually be able to master.

I am SO SAD!

Summer camp is almost over and I am so sad. I don't want it to be over. No more cabin chats, no more games, no more Great Lodge.

When does the next term begin? but it won't be the same, I won't be in the same dorm as Bevin Rae and Rowan, and Ferula and all my other cabin mates. I don't wanna go home, I'm a Hogwarts 'R Us kid.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday

Hello Campers,

Well first off, I need to apologize to my Billywig bunkmates because last week I totally blew it. I forgot to blog and I didn't get a chance to participate in Game 7 which means of course not helping with points. I make no excuses.

It's been a crazy week. The family is going on vacation Friday and I have been getting organized and I have a swap package and a R.A.O.K. that needs to get out before I leave. There ready to go but do I have the right size boxes? Noooooo, of course not.

Well this week, I hope to have my blogs done and my games completed before we head off into the mountains, where we will have full hook-up for the motor home and hopefully wifi so I can still check in during the down time. If we have any, my hubby has a full schedule laid out for us.

Okay, so off to my job........Have a good week campers.