Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OH, OH, I got a WINGO

W-4 Catriona LeStrange lives within a 100 miles of me
I-4 Lizzie Wychwood is from another county-the UK
N-4 Rowan Dragonsinger loves chocolate just like me
G-4 Ambyr Phoenixfire has played Quidditch
O-4 Wisteria Lovegood owns all the Harry Potter Movies

Now for some tidbits about me.
  • I have seen every Harry Potter movie in the theatre
  • My patronus is an Otter
  • This is my 4th HSKS swap
  • I own a collection of thimbles and "Gus" the mouse from Cinderella
  • I have been on multi-day camping trips, I camp on the third weekend of every month as a matter of fact
  • I have been on a "commuter" train, used to take it to work daily
  • I like Chocolate and Popcorn for snacks
  • My favorite brand of yarn is Berocco
  • I have been to "Hearst" castle. if that is really a castle
  • I have played Quidditch
  • My birth month is June
  • I speak Spanish
  • I make stitch markers
  • I own all the Harry Potter movies (and watch them often)
  • and I brought my owl "Tyto" to camp.
Good luck everyone!

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