Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where is Winnie?

Well our Miss Wartbobble continues on her travels this week. She went to three different places, unfortunately I can only guess at two of them. The third location has way too many posibilities. So here is what she reports......

1) her first location was to a capital city built on a lake that has dissappeared to celelbrate "Dia de los Muertos" Well.........she is of course at Texcoco, Mexico. Modern day Texcoco, Mexico is where the original Aztec Capital Tenochitlan was built. It was built on the Lake Texcoco in the Central Mexican Plateau of Mesoamerica. Modern day Texcoco is the east of the current National Capital, Mexico City.

2) her second location is a Windy City where kites are built and flown and the home of a pink library. Well there are many windy cities, chicago for one, but Seattle, WA has a pink marble library, so I am going to guess Seattle, WA.

3) her third location is a Northern Coastal City that hosts an annual multicultural carnival. Oh my, could she possibly be in Brazil?

Well those are my guesses and I am sticking to them.

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