Saturday, November 28, 2009

Owl's Away

Well Tyto took off on his flight to Heavener, Oklahoma today to deliver a package to Rowan Dragonsinger. I so hope she likes everything I included. I can't wait till it arrives.

Of course this means that the term is slowly coming to an end. I always hate end of term. It's so quiet on the boards when the term is over and I have being on Holiday. Well, off to knit some more.

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AshAsh said...

Ok, so you are so ahead of me on this one! I'm sure that Rowan will just love what you sent her. And have no fear, I haven't forgotten you as you may think! I hope your Thanksgiving was fun and you've enjoyed yourself. Are you getting excited for Christmas?! Talk to you soon (and this time I promise it will be soon!).

-Cassie C.