Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekly HSKS Blog

Wow another week gone by. Where does the time go?  Well we had our first Quidditch match on Saturday and were doing really well but low and behold, the Hufflepuff Seeker, Rowan Dragonsinger, caught the snitch and Hufflepuff won the game.  Good game though and you couldn't ask for anything more.  Well as for our dueling matches, Havelock ended up in the hospital in the muggle world and will most likely have to forfeit and Intarsia put up a good fight but her opponent got the best of her.  But its okay cause we gavea good show and represented Gryffindor with pride.

Well Emma's package is coming along. I ordered something special that came in the mail today and it came out really really nice. Can't wait to send it. I ordered something similar for me too.

Been working on baby hats for our SPEW project and everyone is doing a great job in that area as well.  Well I guess that's it for now. Will post more later and maybe some photos too.

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