Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime Fun

My house growing up had a swimming pool, an average summer day in my hometown was 100 degrees plus, so a pool was a necessity not a luxury. Anyway, during the summer all the cousins would come and stay with my family. This was when cable tv first came out and was only on until about 2 AM, no 24/7 like now. We would watch movies till late and then go swimming at 2 AM. The water was always so warm and we'd have so much fun. Then we'd all crash and sleep until Noon the next day. Then we'd start the cycle all over again. Summertime was so much fun as a kid. Nothing to worry about but having fun.


Thistle Lovedgood said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay, the comment problem is gone! :-) I was going to say... the first time I read this blog posting, how I totally know what you mean about the pools! Living in the San Fernando Valley, it's gets HOT HOT HOT! I think I lived at my apartment buildings' pool from June to September!